Tony mitton write a rap for me

At the age of nine he came to England and attended a State boarding school in Suffolk. He gained an English Literature degree from Cambridge University. After a spell of secondary school teaching, he moved to the primary sector where he taught for about 20 years. He is now a full-time writer and visits schools, libraries and festivals to perform his work.

Tony mitton write a rap for me

Updated 25 October Children's author and poet Tony Mitton has written some great hints about writing a rap. Rap is verse with a good, strong beat With rhymes that keep it sounding neat. Rap is made up of rhyming pairs - two lines of verse with rhyming last syllables.

If you write raps down, there are four beats per line, and eight beats per couplet. It could be a subject you care about like endangered animals.

Or something you've just read, like a horror novel. You could also rap about a friend, eg: Then there's Colin he can't stop Listening up to rock and pop. Tip 2 - Kickstart Next, think of the two first lines. Using the rhyming pairs, write two lines with four beats in each.

Tip 3 - Mix and match Use a variety of words to stop the rap getting too samey. You can even use words such as wanna, gonna and ain't. You can be funny or serious and even turn sentences around to make them more interesting. Think of two words that rhyme, such as 'stars' and 'cars'.

Work backwards from them and fill in the rest of the lines.

tony mitton write a rap for me

I wanna be an astronaut and fly to the stars I wanna be a racing driver, speeding in cars Tip 5 - Imagination Use your imagination - the wider the range of subjects, the more interesting the rap will be.

I wanna be a rock star and sing with a band I wanna ride a camel across a desert land Now you should be really wise Why not try and win the prize?Tony Mitton is one of the best children’s poets writing today.

His first book, Plum appeared in. The four poems in this collection are all by Tony Mitton, and the materials are designed to be used with 9 – 11 year olds. The four poems are: R obin Hood Rap. Tony Mitton - Poet and Children's Writer.

These five popular books have half-page flaps that turn to alter the middle portion of each picture spread. May 13,  · "The Craftsmen" was written in commemoration of the life and work of Dylan Thomas for Dylan Day , commissioned and made with the support of Literature Wales.

Baba Brinkman started writing. Tony Mitton - Poet and Children's Writer. Robin Hood Raps are brave and good. They're cool and green 'cos they come from the wood. Behind the speaker of a rap, there might be original music, “scratching” sounds, and parts of other peoples’ songs.

To write your own rap, begin with your topic. You have to know enough about your topic to rap .

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