Harlan kilstein value based copywriting services

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Harlan kilstein value based copywriting services

His name is Rich Schefren. Rich has been my business growth coach for more than a year. From day one, Rich helped me plan and grow my internet business. His insights and questions caused me to stop and think. Put these strategies to work and prosper.

harlan kilstein value based copywriting services

This is Harlan Kilstein, the direct response copywriter. Well, let me correct that — I had an office — he had a business. As I got to know Rich, I began to realize his success was no accident. Even though these people are enormously successful, they pay attention to what he says.

No matter where I think I am in understanding marketing, Rich is still light years ahead. I urge you to do the same. I strongly suggest that you print this manifesto out right now, and read it immediately. Who Is Rich Schefren? Then about a year and a half ago, I disappeared from the limelight and began working on an elite level coaching program that has become quite famous in the upper-echelons of Internet marketing.

Until recently, I purposely avoided the spotlight and all online publicity At the age of 26 I started a hypnosis center that grew in to a 7. At the age of 33 I began working on a systemized coaching program whose members read like a whose who of the Internet 1shoppingcart, Jim Edwards, Mike Filsaime, Brad Fallon, Harlan Kilstein, Tellman Knudson, and many others I am not allowed to mention and have averaged an increase of over 1.

I have also made millions in my own niche markets, as an online advisor and partner to Agora Publishing a million dollar information marketeras a marketing partner to top poker professionals like Howard Lederer; and many other online activities that I prefer to still keep private.

Bottom line, I know how to build and grow systemized businesses and make money. I went into coaching with a vision of the business I wanted to create.


I wanted to create a system that could stand on its own e. I have now achieved my vision. But, I recently entered into a partnership that is going to force me to radically scale back the number of hours I dedicate to my coaching business. What this means is, aside from a select group of entrepreneurs, most online marketers may never get the chance to be personally coached by me ever again.

It was great seeing all the familiar faces, current clients and having the opportunity to make new friends. But every time I go to an Internet marketing event I am struck by how almost everybody in attendance is approaching their business or starting their business the wrong way.

I cannot sit on the sidelines anymore and allow so many dreams fall by the wayside due to a misunderstanding of how successful businesses are built.

Understanding the current state maturity of online business is critical to your long term success.

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Now first of all, the Internet is heating up again. In fact, just this morning I watched a political show detailing how important the Internet will be to the presidential elections. This means that more and more businesses are going to get a lot more serious about the Internet.

Last week I spent a few days with Agora Publishing the million dollar a year Info-marketing powerhouse planning a new project which I will be telling you about a little later in this Manifesto.

When I walked into their offices I was invited to sit in on a meeting that was already in progress. The meeting had five of their top people strategizing their marketing plan of attack for the next two weeks in a highly competitive niche. The plan was simple yet powerful; it played to their strengths, and will likely put a few of the smaller players who are currently marketing in that niche out of business.

I was relieved that I was not operating in that particular segment. All of this reminded me of a slide I have used in a number of the presentations that I have done over the past year or so. My own experience confirms this big business effect too.

harlan kilstein value based copywriting services

During my 4 years in the clothing business, taking a 1. My store was on Broadway in lower Manhattan. At the time the street was full of independent retailers with their own unique stores — fast forward four years later and the rents had skyrocketed forcing the little players out of business and the invasion of the big time mall stores was in full effect.

When I approached the hypnosis market I built my business into the largest that had ever existed and easily put hundreds of smaller independent hypnotists right out of business. We were spending about 3 million dollars a year on advertising and my small time competitors could hardly afford to spend a few thousand.

Once again proving business beats the little guy. My good friend, John Carlton, tells me stories about his early days in the infomercial business and how they would shoot the commercial during the day guerilla video style and air it at night for free.based on just one opening trade per day, stands at $ 20 wins and 1 loser = % win rate Note: The figures quoted are based on just the opening trade placed each day, you can of course place several trades throughout the day and increase profits further.

The track record for this unique trading strategy simply cannot be beaten, now you. David: It was because of the crucible that my copywriting skills were born out of. Whether that sense of value is to be selling a product.

someone else’s product or selling your own hypnosis services. because it makes something very difficult to do into a no-brainer. it’s all variations of the same thing. Harlan Kilstein’s copywriting services – and see his latest “Success Stories”.

perhaps you're wondering why you haven't heard of him before. Dr." Instead of stoking the "Lok Publicity Machine.. visit his website at www. teach.

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