Australian injustice the aboriginal legal service

Dorinda is among the 40 local champions appointed by the Australian Prime Minister as People of Australia Ambassadors in His career spans television, radio and print coverage of international news and current affairs in both South Africa and Australia. Janice Petersen is an Australian television presenter. She was born to parents of South African lineage in Sydney.

Australian injustice the aboriginal legal service

Australian injustice the aboriginal legal service

There is huge diversity in Australia and we should be proud of how well we get along. There are times when our commitment to embrace difference is tested. In some ways, now might be one of those times.

There appears to be increasingly combative rhetoric about the value of multiculturalism in Australia. Sometimes it helps to keep perspective and a sense of proportion by looking to history.

She grew up in the era of apartheid — a racist ideology that was etched into the fabric of the country. Racial segregation was everywhere: It even determined which set of bathrooms you had access to.

The facilities and services available to non-white people were much, much worse. At some level, apartheid implicated everyone living in the country.

Even if you opposed the regime and the racism on which it was based, your life was so bound up in the apartheid system that you benefited from it or were disadvantaged by it — whether you wanted to be or not. As an idealistic law student, I travelled to South Africa 15 years ago.

The apartheid era was over and I wanted to do whatever small things I could to help in this newly-reborn rainbow nation. I used to ask people what it was like living in the new South Africa.

Many would talk movingly about their hopes to rebuild the country on the foundations of equality, justice and freedom. What then followed was usually the sort of racist comment that was once common in apartheid-era South Africa.

Top Stories The Aboriginal Legal Service: In the early s, an organisation was started to right the wrongs of injustice and give Indigenous people equality before the law.

Apartheid-era South Africa is an interesting counterpoint to modern-day Australia. We should remember that every major Australian political party rejects racism and embraces a more open, multicultural ethos. We should be proud of these things.

Access and equity in service delivery Access and equity in the context of service delivery is a fancy way of saying that we should make treat people fairly in the work we do. This is a human rights approach. Imagine you are running a school. Formal equality would require you to offer the same classes to each child at the school.

Substantive equality would mean offering those children some extra help — perhaps by making available additional English classes or tutoring.

JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources. As it developed on the colonial ground, the conquest of labour subordinated economic efficiency to the demands of building a self-sufficient proto-national Yishuv (Jewish community in Palestine) at the expense of the surrounding Arab population. Please note - this is an archived publication. Performance management in the Australian Public Service (APS) is the use of interrelated strategies and activities to improve the performance of individuals, teams and organisations.

Access and equity in service delivery also makes a lot of pragmatic sense: We know that the sorts of things that can make it harder for people from culturally and linguistically diverse background to access services are: The Commission can also investigate and resolve complaints about alleged breaches of human rights against the Commonwealth and its agencies.

The Commission receives complaints and enquiries from people from a range of different backgrounds and with varying needs.The injustice prompted several Perth lawyers to join forces with a group of local Aboriginal people.

Robert French, who's now the chief justice of the high court, led the charge. The injustice dealt to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is a stain on our whole nation, and it is a challenge to our whole nation. was born at Portsmouth, England, in August He studied at the Lambeth art school and worked as a modeller at the Doulton potteries.

He emigrated to Sydney in , and in his head of an Australian aboriginal was bought for the national gallery at Sydney. The Goulburn Valley Community Legal Centre is one of several legal and advocacy services that can assist people living in our region.

The following services and links may also be able to assist you. Fiona Skyring, Justice: A History of the Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia, UWA Publishing, Crawley, ; pp.

; RRP $ paperback. In Justice: A History of the Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia, Fiona Skyring reflects on a history of injustice for Aboriginal people in their dealings with Western Australian law. JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources.

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